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Review: Wave Warrior Sonic Exe Ep 2 – Light Version



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Rejoice and behold! The current last flash video game creation of Arthuria99: Wave Warrior Sonic Exe Ep 2: Light Version!

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Wave Warrior Sonic Exe 2 : Light Version

(Click here to play this game)


At long last… We have reach the final part of my very first 3 on 1 special article… Rejoice and behold, the current last flash video game creation of Arthuria99: Wave Warrior Sonic Exe Ep 2: Light Version !

Wave Warrior Sonic Exe Ep 2: Light Version

Isn’t that an EPIC image ? You gotta love this one :D


Again, we are back to where we left off. Shadow is fighting against his childhood friend Tikal, who has been transformed into the Aura Dragon, that Prometheus is mercilessly controlling in order to destroy our dark hero. Shadow seem to be losing, and we don’t know what really happened to him.

And now, the first emperor of Neo Empire had awoken from his long slumber to take back the Dark Emerald from Dark Neo, who has broke its promise of using it for the sake of humanity.

This emperor cannot be stopped… his name is Silver the hedgehog.


Wave Warrior Sonic Exe Ep 2: Light Version


The Light term is a way to say «it’s Silver time!». Yup, you’re using Silver this time and, as an emperor of Neo Empire, he is WAY MORE powerful than Shadow or Sonic.

Again, you must beat 3 boss in order to finish the game, and the first one is always quite easy: testing your new skills during your first battle would be the best thing to do, because trust me, you’ll need to set up a good strategy against the 2 other boss, especially the third one. I’ll show you why, but I promise you a LONG fight, where you must stay sharp all the time, to avoid dying stupidly when you almost won.

3 Boss - Wave Warrior Sonic Exe Ep 2: Light Version

Battle System:

As always, you must beat 3 boss in order to understand and fully finish the game. Since you’re still in an RPG, you know what to do: select an attack, and let the character do the rest. But, as I said before, the fight will be really more strategic, because fighting the Lunar dragon himself means that…

Wave Warrior Sonic Exe 2 : Light Version

…You have to face his fearsome overdrive: Dragon Surpass.

However, your own skills will help you a lot:

Elemental powers…

Wave Warrior Sonic Exe 2 : Light Version

That’s how we like the new Silver ;)

Psychic powers…

Wave Warrior Sonic Exe Ep 2: Light Version

Wow, a new power ? Find out what is it while playing :)

And a brand new ability that you have probably seen somewhere before…

Wave Warrior Sonic Exe Ep 2: Light Version

The almighty light version and now signature move to the game: Solar Breaker!

Use your abilities wisely, and you will be able to defeat everything in your path.


Last time, I said that episode 2: Dark version was the most thrilling and interesting episode of the game. Well, I must say that you probably won’t share the same opinion after playing the entire game. You’ll probably think that the Light version is better, and I won’t stop you for saying that.

Why you ask? Well, the first thing that makes this episode very different from the others – and the proof that Arthuria99 is earning more and more experience – is the fact that you’ll see epic sprites battle between characters here, and the first one is a magnificent clash between Shadow and my current favorite Megaman ZX character, Prometheus.

Shadow and Prometheus

You know what’s funny? They’re both immortal and can’t die from sickness. They both have more than 50 years.

And they both can teleport all the time.

Showdown of Ultimate Life forms^^

Then, you’ll see another sprite battle, but the image will talk for me

This ISN’T an SMBZ rip-off.

The second thing that makes all the difference is the improvement of the sprites, and of course, the game system itself. Arthuria99 seem to like perfectioning every single point in this flash game, and the result is always succefull! Another great masterpiece.

Personal Score:

Storyline: 9/10 - The story has greatly improved, and the game itself is getting more and more interesting.

Gameplay: 9/10 - As for the story, the game-play becomes more and more enjoyable, especially with the brand new skills and magic attacks of Silver.

Graphics: 10/10 –  The graphics, dragons and sprites used (and made) are always as awesome as ever. Again, just watch how the custom dragons move, and you’ll really be impressed.

Music & Sound: 9.5/10 – Yes, sorry. I know: last time it was 10/10. It’s just that… The musics are as awesome as ever of course, but I highly preferred the boss music from the Dark version, against the Aura Dragon. This is one of the reason why I prefer the Dark Version.

Overall: 9/10 - The changes in this game are impressive. This episode 2 Light version is the most impressive one when you think about the quality of the sprite battles, the fights, and the strategic side is much more present in this game than any of the other episodes. You have an overpowered character, but the enemies are overpowered too, the fights are long, so you mustn’t make any mistake.

However, each final boss of each episode had a strategic side: Rouge, Aura Dragon, Lunar Dragon… Each game has something new to test and discover, reason why I consider it as one of the best and well done flash game ever. It’s my personal third big discovery, right after Final Fantasy Sonic X and, of course, Sonic RPG^^

Well folks, that’s the end of my 3 on 1 Wave Warrior Sonic exe special article. The series isn’t finished, and I’ll make a new article of the next episodes, if Arthuria99 have the time to make them. But before saying goodbye, I’ll leave you with a final gift:

(Click here to play this game)

Wave Warrior Sonic EXE Garnet Version

Wave Warrior Sonic EXE Garnet Version

As you can see, Arthuria99 is preparing the third episode. He didn’t had the time to truly work on it, but it seems that, for the next part, we’ll come back to Sonic, Espio and Rouge’s quest. Will they unlock dragon forms ? Will they become more powerful? Will they find what happened to Tails?

Even I don’t know. Well, now, I say goodbye to you, and until next time^^

Torwag, over and out!


Fireman Incoming Storm

Fireman Incoming Storm



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    I’m looking forward to the launch of this version! I’ve been waiting a long time for this! This should be a story, gameplay and graphics well prepared. Well Arthuria99, let me surprised!


    • Avatar of Shell Master Tortwag

      Thanks :)
      You’ll have to wait though, Arthuria is silent, but quite busy too!

      Oh he can suprirse yo alright^^ I must say I’m looking for it as well.


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