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Review: Wave Warrior Sonic Exe 2 – Dark Version



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Wave Warrior Sonic Exe 2 : Dark Version

(Click here to play this game)


Here we are folks! Shell Master Tortwag here, and after a long time, the second part of my 3 on 1 special article is ready! Ladies and gentlemen, behold Wave Warrior Sonic Exe episode 2: Dark Version!

wave warrior sonic exe 2

Remember that awesome image, right? :D


The story takes place right after the events from WWSE (Wave Warrior Sonic Exe) episode 1.

The organization known as «Dark Neo» has kidnapped Tikal for an obscure reason. Tikal is Shadow’s Childhood friend, and he rushes as fast as he can to save her.

However, Tikal has been tricked by the organization, and has accepted to join it. Is Shadow too late? Can he still save Tikal?


Wave Warrior Sonic Exe 2 : Dark Version - Shadow
Let the battle begin!!!

The «Dark Version» is a reference of Shadow the hedgehog, main character of this episode. He is the only playable character of this episode, but you’ll quickly realize that Shadow is a lot more powerful than Sonic.

You’ll see some familiar abilities…

Wave Warrior Sonic Exe 2 : Dark Version - Chaos Control

…And many new skills.

Wave Warrior Sonic Exe 2 : Dark Version - Chaos Blade
A Chaos blade? Niiiiiice :D
Wave Warrior Sonic Exe 2 : Dark Version - Shadow 2
But what’s that? You never cease to surprise me Shadow^^

The game-play is just a improved version of the previous one, however it didn’t changed that much: select an attack, and let your character make it.

Battle System:

Well, not too much things to say here. This is a Role Playing Game, You must wait your turn and then attack. However, that flash rpg has some interesting particularities. The most notable one is the bunch of new custom skills that Shadow can use, and the most impressive one is…

Wave Warrior Sonic Exe 2 : Dark Version - Shadow Transformed
No kidding. This is Shadow.

…His overdrive, or finishing move.

As you can see Shadow the Hedgehog can now transform into a giant Dragon and perform a new attack called «Dragon Surpass». This is also part of the story-line of the game, so you must play it to understand how Shadow obtained such a magnificent Overdrive. Let me also point the fact that this sprite is custom, made by Arthuria99 himself.


I personally think that this is the most interesting and thrilling episode of them all. It is really an improved version of episode 1: the story continues, using Shadow is really a pleasure, and the custom skills added to the Ultimate Life Form are really amazing, especially Dragon Surpass.

The sprites are better than anything else, and perfectly programmed. You’ll still see some grammar problems there, but not that much, and the game is enjoyable. You love rpgs? You loved episode one? Then you’ll love this one, just play and enjoy!

Wave Warrior Sonic Exe 2 : Dark Version - Dragon
Who is this new Dragon?.. WHO CARES! I’ll show you my ultimate power!

Personal Score:

Story-line: 8.5/10 . I can’t say 10 here, because there are some confusing points in the story, that you’ll only understand in the next episode (ep 2: Light version). In any case, it’s still an interesting fan story, and you’ll like it.

Game-play: 8/10. The game-play is smooth, enjoyable, and really well done. Remember: it’s a flash game! And you will see by playing that there is a true effort to make the game as awesome as possible. The result is, in my opinion, nearly perfect!

Graphics: 10/10. This is a sprite movie. Just watch the Dragon Surpass animation, watch how that magnificent black dragon is made. CUSTOM. The graphics are perfect for a sprite game, it’s one of the main point that makes it awesome.

Music& Sound: 10/10. Yes. 10. I MUST. The musics are awesome and EPIC, especially the boss fight against the green dragon that you see up there. The awesome themes of that game are another main point that makes it so enjoyable and epic.

Overall: 8/10. An awesome and really well made sprite game, way better than episode one, who was already something. I think gamers could really love this game, but I have only one advice for you: PLAY!!!

Well, that’s all for now folks. I hope you’ll finally have the chance to play this game, and enjoy it as much as I did. Stya tuned for the third and last part of my 3 on 1 special article about Wave Warrior Sonic Exe!

(Click here to play this game)

Tortwag, out!






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    I love wave warrior series by Arthuria99 I first watched it 3 years ago and it really was amazing :) so when will wave warrior sonic EXE 3 come out :) ?


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    Wow man! The Dark and Light Version are really great!



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