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Review: Wave Warrior Sonic Exe: Episode 1

Wave Warrior Sonic EXE: Episode 1
Wave Warrior Sonic EXE: Episode 1
Wave Warrior Sonic EXE: Episode 1


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Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you Wave Warrior Sonic Exe, an awesome Sonic rpg fan game, crossover between Sonic games and Megaman game series!

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Wave Warrior Sonic Exe: Episode 1


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Hi folks, Shell Master Tortwag here! This time, I’ have a special surprise: a 3 on 1 article! The fan game I’m gonna talk about is divided in 3 episodes for now. Behold a newground fan game created by Arthuria-x (or Arthuria99, same person).

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you Wave Warrior Sonic Exe, an awesome Sonic rpg fan game, crossover between Sonic games (Sega) and Megaman game series (Capcom)!

Wave Warrior Sonic Exe

Wave Warrior Sonic Exe


A long time ago, a legendary Dragon obtained the Ultimate power. With it, he managed to rule the world. However, he disappeared, but his power still had an effect in the world. To prevent destruction and chaos, 4 guardian and 3 noble warriors decided to use their combined power in order to oppose the Dragon’s power and create a balance in the world.

They were called the 7 Legendary Warriors.

However, a battle started between the Warriors, and nobody could understand the meaning of it.

Suddenly, the warriors vanished.

Only 2 of them survived. One of them is called Zero.

Zero became a bounty hunter: he wanted to find the last other warrior and become the most powerful one.

However, a mysterious man named Weil attempted to defeat him, and recreate his body into two parts: the first one was transformed into a monster, full of anger and darkness, know as «Omega».

The second part was sealed in a laboratory, somewhere in the world.

The other warrior, known as the «perfect legendary warrior» became a fairy tail, and no one could tell if he was actually still alive. But even if they were gone, the incredible weapons that contain their powers are still in this world… Some people believe that the souls of the forsaken warriors sleep within the weapons, awaiting for a new master. Afraid of those powerful artifacts, people sealed them away, in a sacred mountain.


Wave Warrior Sonic EXE : Episode 1 - Screenshot 1

If you’re an rpg fan, and if you like Sega and Capcom characters, this flash game is just for you!

In this first episode, you must use Sonic the hedgehog and fight against 3 boss with a growing difficulty. There is also one mini-game that you have to complete during Sonic’s journey. You must complete every step of the game if you want to see the end of it.

Like in many Flash rpgs (and rpgs in general), the control are very simple: you just have to wait for your turn, choose an attack and click on it with the mouse. Sonic will take care of the hard part!

Wave Warrior Sonic EXE : Episode 1 - Screenshot 2

Critical hit! :D

Wave Warrior Sonic EXE : Episode 1 - Screenshot 3

Battle System:

As I said, the controls are very easy: choose an an attack with the mouse, and Sonic will fight. However, for this flash game, Sonic have a bunch of attacks, most of them coming from Sonic battle (even the heal one).

Wave Warrior Sonic EXE : Episode 1 - Screenshot 4

The most original system in here is the Overdrive, based on the Soul warrior you have in you. Sonic has Zero as a Soul Warrior (so the Z-Saber as a linker.

And after each boss fight, you earn a new ability that will help you during your next battle. You’ll also find out that you’re not the only one with a Soul Overdrive skill…

Wave Warrior Sonic EXE : Episode 1 - Screenshot 5

…And you may pay your overconfidence dearly.

Wave Warrior Sonic EXE : Episode 1 - Screenshot 6

It’s not gonna hurt right? :(

There’s the 3 boss:

-Zero. Don’t be afraid: that zero is only a representation of the soul : he’s kinda weak, but don’t attack stupidly.

-Espio the charmeleon. The first real boss of the game, and the first one who uses a Soul-linker attack to you. Now, be REALLY careful.

-mini-game. Discover it yourself^^

-Rouge the bat. Now THAT’S the real thing. She also have a soul linker, and you’ll have to be really concentrate : she can kill you at every moment, and she can also use her Soul-linker two times in a row (rare, but possible). However, keep in mind that the more damages you take, the more your soul gauge increase. Therefore, you must not use your mana gauge too often. In fact, you’ll have to heal a lot, especially against her.


First of all, I’ll say that this is another great Sonic flash rpg, really well made. The grammar is the only notable big problem, but the author even created an edited version of the game, with some ameliorated things and a better grammar if you really can’t stand it.

The really innovating point is the Soul-linker idea, really well thought, even if the system is similar to an ordinary rpg finishing skill.

Wave Warrior Sonic EXE : Episode 1 - Screenshot 7

I also enjoyed the atmosphere of the game. Some funny scenes,

Wave Warrior Sonic EXE : Episode 1 - Screenshot 8

the thrilling history, the sprites used… I really recommend you to play that game and the other episodes, because you’re really gonna love’em all^^

Wave Warrior Sonic EXE : Episode 1 - Screenshot 9

Wave Warrior Sonic EXE : Episode 1 - Screenshot 10

Personal score:

Storyline: 8/10. I can’t say 10 for this episode so far, but trust me, the story is really well thought. At least I enjoyed it, and I hope you’ll understand how much this crossover is good!

Gameplay: 7/10. It’s not really innovating, but the follows the rules of all the rpgs we like and also created it’s own atmosphere and gameplay (try the mini-game^^)

Graphics: 9/10. Oh yeah! These are sprites ripped from both Sonic and Megaman games, but if you look closely, you’ll see some custom colors really well done. Besides, Espio was really good in his role too.

Sound & Music: 10/10. OH MY GOSH! You’ll hear some musics from different Megaman and Sonic games, but most of the EPIC musics comes from Breath of Fire games (well, the one in the mini-game is from Sonic heroes, you probably know it ;) ), and I’ll personally tear you apart if you say that you didn’t like them. Especially the battle ones.

Overall: 7.5/10. It could’ve be more than that, but you’ll understand why this one is only at 7.5 when you’ll play the WAY BETTER 2 other episodes.


That’s all, folks! Stay tuned, for the next part of my special 3 on 1 article about Wave Warrior Sonic Exe!


Wave Warrior Sonic EXE 2 - Dark Version



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