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Sonic RPG Episode 9 Update 3 – Welcome aboard Arthuria99!

Wave Warrior EXE3 Garnet by Arthuria99
Wave Warrior EXE3 Garnet by Arthuria99

Hey there people!

Time for one more Update on Sonic RPG Episode 9.

As you all, I have also been suffering from tremendous load of work on college by this time of the year, and as such, Flash Development has not been going as I expected. Till Christmas holidays I have a lot of things to do before I can laid back and relax, and work on the new Episode afterwards.

Despite all of this, I have been trying to develop some shoots for the movie, even if it is at a slow pace with the little free time I have available. Besides this, me and Acid have not been much time together ever since college started, so the work goes much slower as it did during summer.

The Good news is that we found a third element to work with us!

You guys already know him from previews posts here on Flash-Essence.

He addressed to me with the motivation to work with us, and after all I have seen from his work, we thought that he would bring some great stuff with his talent.

I am talking about Arthuria99, the author of Wave Warrior Sonic Exe.

Arthuria99 will help us with the backgrounds and special effects for the final episode. With this said, take a look on his work as an artist on his DeviantART at:   arthuria99.deviantart.com

You can play his games here in Flash Essence

Wave Warior Sonic Exe

Wave Warior Sonic Exe 2 – Dark Version

Wave Warior Sonic Exe 2 – Light Version

Here is some really impressive art from his deviantart gallery:

Nothing more to add on this post besides the fact that we will present Arthuria99 as an artist of Flash-Essence soon enough, so keep your eyes open!

After this, I’ll be releasing a new post about Episode 9 by Christmas, and as a present, some cool screenshots with the work done by then ;)

Meanwhile, give  the talented Arthuria99 a warm welcome!

Keep tunned and take care!



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