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Sonic RPG Episode 9 Update 2

Hey there folks! MidNightMaren here with something you’ve been waiting for, an update on the upcoming Sonic RPG Episode 9!

However I don’t bring such good news. As you all should know, college started about a month ago, and both me and Acid have not been close much time, so the hard work was left on stand-by for the moment. I’ve been working on some shoots for the movie at a time, with the little time I have. Acid on his side have been working and monitoring the site and other affairs from our work. By the time we have the college work on rails and running smoothly we should have more time to talk to each other and work for a bit longer at home.

Anyway, I FINALLY made contact with the voice-actor of Seelkadoom! Remember him? My faithful web friend Raynor-Foxhound, who besides giving the life to my original character with his awesome voice, also made voices for various characters along the series, like Sonic (from episode 5 onwards), NiGHTS, Reala, Eggman and Knuckles on Episode 8! Also, he agreed to work with me on Episode 9. So expect Seelkadoom to have his original voice on Episode 9 too! I’m so freaking glad! :D

Closing this little post, here’s a candy for your eyes! A badass looking “Super” Sonic :D And yes, this image will appear on the movie!

Sonic RPG Episode 9

Hyper Sonic

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Take Care everyone!



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